Thank you so much for having us to Molokai. Now that I am here, it isn’t easy to leave, as you know! I have especially loved to go down to the sea and watch the waves. I find it mesmerizing and it is hard to leave the shore and to leave Molokai. Now that you got me here it will be hard to keep me away. Thank you & lots of Love.

Laurie & Shirley, Meota, SK, Canada
Aloha! Thanks so much for your generosity sharing your condo with us. The condo itself is beautiful, with everything so convenient. We have met some lovely people while here. Everyone is so friendly, especially Carole. Mahalo.

Jim and Lois, Bellcove, WA
The best week ever, IT’s so beautiful here and very relaxing. Just love the quiet.

Kuhn Family Los Alamitos, CA
We are complimentary guests of Mrs. G. Ring from contest. We are so thankful and fell so blessed for this opportunity to experience paradise. It is sooo peaceful and beautiful here. I love hearing the birds singing and the distant waves crashing. Thank you so much!

Bob, Lonnie, Jackson and Sarena
Great Activities: Halawa Valley hike to Mo-o Ula falls, Kayaking, Snorkeling with Tim and Gabe Molokai Fish and Dive, Big Wind kite factory, Kalaupapa Mule Ride, Thank you Genevieve for your hospitality. This was a family vacation we will never forget!

Loren Miller
Condo Rocks. By all means, don’t forget to get the best therapeutic massage on the planet! Call Allana 567-6849. She is a real healer with tons of experience… I give Allana a 10. Ps. Should receive Nobel prize for Best Massage.

Louisa, Chicago, Illinois
My stay in Molokai was wonderful! Everything was great! Mahalo!

Lana, Mike, Shaughnessy, Delaney and Fraser, Armstrong, BC
Genevieve, this has been the most wonderful family holiday we could have ever imagined. Everything has been perfect, from the condo and its amenities to the people and the general atmosphere of the whole island! Thank you so very much for the wonderful hospitality. This is an adventure we will never forget. Mahalo and Aloha!

John & Karen Steinsma, Lynden, Wa.
Thank you so much for the views and the peace and quiet. We took way too many photos of the big surf! We love Molokai and its inhabitants. Mahalo nui!

Paul & Linda Donnelly, Morro Bay, CA
Very nice unit and so relaxing here on Molokai. We now know why it is the friendly isle. Aloha is felt everywhere on the island and we’ll bring that home with us. Mahalo Nui Loa. P.S. I was pleasantly surprised & we had a very lovely and relaxing time her on the island. Aloha!

Allison, Evelyn & Jackie, Reno, NV

James and Cheryl, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Dear Aunt Genny, Cheryl and I loved it here. Just what we needed for a few days. The condo is great, the people fantastic. Snorkeling with Tim and Gabe was awesome. Love the island life! Mahalo.

Steve and Marta Bertram
By far, our most relaxing and amazing holiday we have ever had. The Molokai Shores Resort offered everything we needed and was very affordable. We will be returning year after year to enjoy the peace that this jem of an island offers!

Neanie Miller
This is an amazing condo. Thank you for sharing your home. The greatest highlight of the trip was my massage with Allana. An amazing human being, so giving of herself and her healing powers. She gives so much of her strong hands and mind. An experience not to be missed! Bless you Allana. Thank you.

Tom Derrah, Houston, Tx
Thanks for a great place to stay! The mellow and beautiful surroundings were just what I needed. Look forward to coming back when I am not padding across the channel!

Cindy and Reg, Vernon, BC, Canada
We have spent the winter here and enjoyed our stay very much. The condo is great the people are very friendly. Carol is very good at seeing to your every need quickly and politely. Hope to come back sometime soon. Mahalo.